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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Fall Home & Auto Insurance Premium Updates

Home Insurance - Our last newsletter talked about wood roofs being a problem for new business going forward as well as some of our carriers increasing their minimum deductibles. This won't change anytime soon. The good...

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Understanding the Basics of Small Business Liability Insurance

To protect a small business from potential lawsuits, liability insurance is necessary. Policies vary greatly, and they cover different classifications of risks for varying costs. Before shopping for a policy, it is...

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Beware: CGL Policies Don't Cover Faulty Work

Builders and contractors who buy commercial general liability coverage policies with the impression that they will keep them safe from allegations of inadequate or faulty work must beware of their policies. It's...

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Halloween Safety: Be Ready When the Little Goblins Come Out

It's a night full of treats for both kids and adults in Overland Park. But a number of factors - including lots of people walking in the dark, the threat of wet and stormy weather, strangers coming to your door - mean...

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